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What to do... With left over Q... Part Deux.....

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Well, there were a few good handfuls left of that last smoked butt... so what to do....


So since it's winter and a little on the cool side, how about a little stew/soup with pintos, black eyed peas and cannellinies.  Toss in some left over Q, homemade smoked kielbasa and fresh endive from the garden and well, you get the idea....


Started with a nice base of onions and garlic sauteed in VOO and a good dash of red pepper flakes.  Once that was nice and sauteed added a bit of chicken stock and in went the Q, the smoked bone from the butt, the kielbasa and the beans.  The greens went in a bit later so as not to over cook them.


Q and Beans 1



Definitely hit the spot on a cool winter night.  Served up with crusty homemade Italian bread (my wife makes the most fantastic

homemade Italian bread!)  and a garden salad with fresh lettuce from the garden.


Q and Beans 2


Bear view of Q w/ beans?





So there ya have it.  Left over smoked Q, homemade smoked kielbasa, homemade bread, and greens fresh from the garden.



Thanks for looking.




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That is awesome my wife makes a soup that is very similar I bet it was great.

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That is awesome! What a great meal for this time of year!

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Thanks guys!  It really hit the spot last night!



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Man I bet that was tasty. Looks good ! 

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Looks great, I love Bean Dishes!...I had Chili last night made from leftover Smoked Rib Roast...Awesome!...Sorry no pics...JJ

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That looks great GSC


That's the best thing about winter..............great soup making weather.


Too bad winter only lasts 2 weeks in FL icon_cry.gif

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looks and sounds great... Nice job

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Nice looking soup/stew you have there. 


We made brunswick stew with about 2 pounds I had left over last night.  After supper we put up what was left in quart containers in the freezer for later.  That is one of the beauties of pulled pork. There is a lot you can do with it if you have some left over (ABT's, stew, etc...)

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OK and with the leftovers from this soup what are you going to do ?................ don't do a thing just sand it to me biggrin.gif

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I'd be glad to send you some of the left overs africanmeat... but I think the shipping costs are going to put one of us in the poor house!  LOL


@dward51, I agree, we love Brunswick stew as well and it's definitely another great way to use left over Q.  Brunswick stew is a staple down here in NC in most restaurants and everyone has a family recipe stashed away somewhere.


Thanks for the comps guys!  It was really a great dish for a cool winter night... not that it gets all that cold here compared to where some of y'all hail from....but it is a very nice hearty winter meal and so easy to make. 



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Now you sure have made a good dsh out of some leftovers. I would just add that when you re-heat your leftovers that you use a steamer pot or pasta pot to re-heat for it won't let the meat dry out and to me it really brings out the smokey flavors that the smoker has out into the meat.

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Now were talk'n

Looks awesome

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