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Briquettes or Lump Charcoal

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Ok as you can see.. Newb here. I am going from electric to a new Backwoods Smoker. Didn't even know there was lump charcoal used for smoking. Is one more preferred over the other? Lump or Briquettes? Does one burn longer or produce a better taste to the meat?

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You are opening up a can of worms here. Some folks are real passionate about the charcoal they use. Personally I just use regular old Kingsford Blue bag briquettes and spend the extra money on a better cut of meat.

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Thanks Al... Thats where I would rather go too. Seems much simpler. Just the Good Ol' Blue bag of Kingsford  45.gif

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LUMP all the way .
Less ash . Burn hotter .
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If I had a Backwoods(been thinking on it for 6 months or so) I think I would burn a high quality briquette such as Stubbs or CompK over lump despite the higher ash production. I think it would be easier to control temps with a briquette especially if you don't upgrade to the BBQ Guru system.

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The real deal.....LUMP!!


Homemade lump is what I use!







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Lump burns hotter and less ash and i can make it for free were is the down side?yahoo.gifAll though i have started to just use small split of wood lately it just takes longer to get it started.

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Here's everything ya need to know about lump!!






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I prefer to use briquettes to light hardwood to make my own lump! laugh1.gif

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I like lump but to tell you the truth I won more trophies last year on Kingsford blue than with lump.  I get as much as I can when it goes on sale and reuse what I don't burn in my uds smokers.  My problem with lump is all I can find is mesquite lump around here and I am not rich enough to special order anything else.  I wish I would have bought 10 pallets of the frontier lump when sams had it on sale a few years ago that was the best stuff I ever used,  I could cook for 30 hours on one basket of that.     

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homemade lump, easy to do and another excuse to drink beer in the yard

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