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1st pork ribs q view

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hi rub the ribs down with butt rub and smoked at 250f (with hickory) for 2.5hrs then foiled with apple juice for 1.5 hrs then removed foil and slapped on some bbq sauce and gave them another hour. they did have a slight hammy taste im not sure why so if anyone could help would be great. thanks



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Looks like good eaten from down here.   Hammy taste huh?   Thats an odd one,  I'd investigate your rub, it didn't have Cure in it did it? 

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Looks great from here !!!
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They look mighty tasty from here too - not sure on the hammy thing 

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They sure look like some good tasting ribs from here. The only thing that I know of that gives pork a hammy taste is curing it.

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thanks for the great comments,the rub was only on for half hour before going on the smoker, someone else said if could be to much smoke, does that sound a possibility?

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Check the ingrediants in your rub.    If you had thick white smoke in the smoker you would have a creosote taste,  not sure I would describe it as hammy.    TBS  thin blue smoke is our mantra,  can barely see it coming out of the smoker but you can smell it.

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thanks, think i might of had a little to much smoke but still ok, is there things i should look out for in rubs then??


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only once i had a hammy smell, all I could think of is that I didn't let them come up to room temperature before i put them on the grill.

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