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Ribs and not quite fitting the rack..................???

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I'm thinking a full rack isn't quite going to fit in my vertical smoker. Any issues with doing them in halves??? I'm sure this has to be a fairly common issue but haven't come across anything on it.


Comments / Suggestions appreciated.................

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That should be no problem at all except just not as pretty for pics... Will they fit if you cut 1 bone off the end of the ribs? Then just set that one bone to the side to smoke it while your rack of ribs is smoking and it will give you something to munch on out by the smoker!


When we trim our ribs we save the scraps for making sausage, that would be another idea for you with your one bone scrap piece...

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I have to trim them down on a regular basis - just cut them in half and enjoy - they will be just as tasty as the guys with the big smokers - you can also pin them in a circle if you want to keep them whole 

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I cut them to fit all the time. You do the cuts just as you would a full slab

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You can also get some bamboo skewers and roll the ribs into a ring and pin with the skewers.It's a real space saver.

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My other half likes fall off the bone and wet.


I like a little tug and dry.


Like others, I split mine all the time.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I cut mine in half all the time, not because they won't fit, but because the one end is always a little thicker than the other & I like to get the thick part closer to the heat.

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I'm like the rest I cut mine in half.  Works out though.  I make one half spicy for me and the wife, and I make the other half mild for the kids.

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