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Summer Sausage and sticks

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Yesterday the wife and I mixed up and stuffed our first Summer Sausage as well as stuffed some sticks. I picked up a peice of spicy colby jack cheese and cut it into 1/4" dice and mixxed it with the SS before stuffing. We've made sticks before but not SS. I forgot to take any pictures of the mixing and stuffing but did remember to take some pics. today.

Everything stuffed and ready for the smoker after resting all night in the fridge. I stuffed the sticks in 33 MM casings to try something different.


After 3 hrs in the smoker being kissed with hickory.


After slicing the sticks.


Close up of the SS, with spicy colby jack cheese.




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Very tasty looking.



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Looks like they came out great 

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Thanks guys! I was editing and trying to add a few more pictures.

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Would you mind sharing the recipe ???

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Shoneyboy, it was just a Hi-mountain pre-mix. Sweet and Spicy this time. Trying a few different flavors of theirs, so far the Jalepeno mix is best I think.

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Thanks for the info....we used Leggs brand mix, jalapeno flavor and added a mozzarella cheese to it in was really good......

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Great looking SS and stick JW............................icon14.gif



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Well done it looks amazing .bet it taste great

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looks great.  Nice Job.

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Looks great!!



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Great looking sausage! Nice job!

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Looks Yummy

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