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Problem new ET-732

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I using the 732 for the first time. It show me the temp and I set the Hi temp for the barbecue at 250 and the low at 225.  I also set it to give me a alert and the alarm icons does appear in both location.  When start up the grill it went way above the setting of 250 but go no alarm.  What did I miss or have I got a bad unit?

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did you press the start button after you set the temps?


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Yes and the alarm icon show up but no alarm

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I never had mine do that, once you are done with it, I would try to force the alarm to go off , like boil some water and set the smoker high temp at 210 and then  put the end of the probe in and see if it goes off, I'd say if you can't force it to go off then perhaps there is something wrong with it

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Did you press the mode button so it would keep the setting you set it at. You only have about 5 seconds to push the mode button or the temp will set itself back to the previous setting.

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Yes got the temp alarm working but on the food temp there is a icon blinking not the temp alarm what it that?

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if it is the one I think your speaking of I believe it to be the "synched" icon or connected or what ever ya want to call it...LOL

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