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Smoking some pheasant ?

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I have never smoked a pheasant before.  Just wondering what i should do for rub and temp on the smoker.  I have about 8 breast out of some birds i shot this year.  Just looking for some advice.


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Frank, morning.... Pheasant is pretty lean in the fat department.... You might try wrapping in bacon along with herbs and spices for flavor.... I have never done pheasant but it sounds good to me..... Bacon make everything better.... Dave

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X2 on the bacon!

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thanks for the advice.  Do you have a suggested temp to smoke at?

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Smoke from 125 - 150 or so and finish at 240 to crisp the bacon... I would take to an IT of 145 or so...  Don't want to overcook the chinese chicken.... Dave


Somebody correct the IT if it is too high.... Dave 

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I think 145 is good, and safe, less would be better but not safer. Don't forget to brine the birds with your favorite brine, but go less (like half) on the salt because I am assuming your breasts don't have the skin still attached. The first time I brined phez I over salted and they turned out like little salt bricks.


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Thanks a lot guys,  will give it a try!!

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That sounds really tasty Frank. I would like to try smoking a couple of whole birds if I can find a couple.

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