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I don't see a problem with cold smoking for 30 min. First. I would try a small batch first with a few cold smoked and a few with a couple drops of liquid smoke and see which you like best.
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Considering canned meat products are usually recommended to be "cubed or strips" when pressure canned, I would cube/strip then smoke for 15 minutes (In my previous experience) and pressure can 1 jar.... just for a test... then taste for smoke and spices etc.... modify the recipe and try 1 more jar.... etc.... It would be a shame to can a bunch of meat you didn't like...
Try browned, non browned, with gravy (as several recipes recommend)....
Have you read the "accepted" canning instructions from the USDA etc .???
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I put all my shank and lower leg meat into jars with potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, and a teaspoon of seasoning salt.  Cans up great, kids love it.  I do this with waterfowl as well.  Believe it or not, the kids can't really tell if it's duck or deer stew.  I can, but it's a subtle texture thing.


Next batch I do I am going to sear on the grill first to add some smoke and char to the meat.

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Check out this on canning meat.

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Slice of onion in the bottom of jar, meat, and teaspoon of seasoned salt is all I use and it is very versatile for a quick meal.



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