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ET-732 smoker probe issues

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Trying my first smoke and went to foil the brisket and get everything situated and the pit probe on the maverick jumped up to 340 degrees then after while it went back down to 225 and then started climbing back up slowly, i ran it under the lid, could this be the problem or is the probe bad?

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Hard to say?  Could you have had a spike in heat?  What kind of smoker.  What kind of wood for smoke?  What was your method?


My Maverick pit probe has performed well as long as I carefully keep it clean.


The meat probes from Maverick seem to be a bigger problem than their pit probes.


Give us more info, and there are lots of friendly folks here to help.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Sorry shouldve mentioned that i have a WSM 18.5 using charcoal with hickory wood chunks. It seems to be working now, for some reason it went from 225-340 in a matter of seconds, i dont know what the deal was.

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I have had a big jump like that in my NB when the wood chunks would ignite. They would burn a little while then the temps would settle...JJ

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A WSM will do that. The rush of oxygen to the fire when you open the lid will give it a huge boost. That's why I usually have my wife take the lid off & I do what I have to do as quickly as possible. If I am foiling I would grab the meat & she would put the lid right back on while I foiled it, then when it's foiled she would open it up again while I put the meat back in & she puts the lid right back on. If you are used to an electric or gas smoker, then it's just the opposite. 

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Thanks for the replies, that must've been what happened it was my first run smoking anything. The brisket turned out great, thanks everyone

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