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Slaw for topping PP

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Everyone knows that slaw and PP go hand in hand, and the best way to compliment a nice PP sammich is to top it off with a little slaw love. 


Im in need for a good vinegar based slaw recipe, something that is a little sweet, with some red onions... something that has that nice translucent purplish color. 


I made some in the past that was amazing, but it was the result of an error and I didnt write it down, and Im kicking my self for it. 


Anyone got anything good?


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popcorn.gif think i will wait and see how this turns out .

bet Chef Jimmy will have a good one for you.

hope he see this , if not just PM him .

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What I like... I buy the tri-color bagged slaw mix and chop it up smaller. add mayo (saures is my favorite) salt pepper and sugar to taste. Sorry I can't give exact amounts, but it doesn't take much of any ingredient. Hope this helps some.Not really what you asked for but it is what I like.




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