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What's first on the menu?
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Not sure. I'd like to do some BBB but the timing is off. Will probably do some sausage. :)

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Looking good so far!


Just a couple of things; you should have gotten a burner grate to go over the top of it like a regular stove to hold an iron frying pan for your wood chunks.


Second, are you going to put some metal bars above the burner to hold drip pans?  Otherwise you will have a lot of cleanup to do.


Third, great Idea on the sausage sticks! 

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Pops, I'm using an AMNPS, and yeah Im gonna have drip pans. :)

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First q-view!!! Andouille and deer sausage!





The forward facing dowel rods worked great! I need to drill more holes to allow different spacing and to allow more or less rods at one time. Only using three limits what I can hang. During this smoke I used what you see in the pic and also one cross dowel to hand more of the big sticks. The sausage really isn't hanging crooked in the below pic, they were swinging because I just placed the rod in there. lol





I changed heat sources.  As much as I like the Northern Tool burner, it was too much for my smokehouse. I don't think I can hold temps low enough for sausage, even at 39F outside! So I bought a two burner setup from K-mart for $34. 




The burner on the left is 1000w, and the right burner is only 500w. I wish it were 1000w on both but I didn't notice huge hot spots or anything in the 'house. I wasn't sure if it was going to be able to put out enough heat to finish the sausage either. I was prepared to switch if I needed to. It worked like a dream. It heated up the house up to 170 at the end running at about 90% output. I'm sure in the summer this thing will barely be on. Not as easy to adjust as the propane burner but not bad though.andouilleblooming.JPG


I still have to paint and install trim on the smokehouse and a couple other small things but it is functional and I'm really enjoying it. I look forward to many smokes in it! The AMNPS has worked like a charm in it too. I love peeking out my back door and seeing the TBS coming out the chimney!









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Looks great, it too bad the burner didn't work out. Just need a bigger smoke house!!!!!
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I'm sure the burner will come in handy sometime! Yeah, who knows... maybe a bigger smokehouse some day!

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It's finally warm enough and not raining so I got to paint the 'house today.



I've still only been using the electric heat source. Haven't needed the propane burner but I am going to play around with it one of these days. I ran tie wire across 8" or so above the burner and placed a broiler pan on it to diffuse the heat. It's worked great, don't tell my wife. ;)

The forward facing dowels are working great!
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Thanks for the update. I really loved your thread from the start. I sure looks sweet in the backyard. I know my wife would approve!

Now get back out there and start sending some new Qviews!


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Thanks and will do! Buckboard bacon on Tuesday!
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Some pics from recent BBB smoke.



312 BBB slabs.JPG


312 BBB cut slab.JPG


I have a feeling this 7lbs or so of bacon isn't going to last long... darn, I'll just have to cure up some more!





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I used the hot plate during the BBB smoke and held the temp between 100 and 120 the whole time. It was about 70F outside and the burners were set at about 20% output. Worked great. Filled about 2 1/2 rows or so of hickory, oak, and apple pellets in the AMNPS, and it worked great as usual. beercheer.gif

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great lookin' smoke house and it looks like it is doin' a fine job!

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Man thats a real nice job ya did on the house.


And that BBB looks just great.  I think thats the best I've seen.

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Dear Sir, absolute NOOB question, do you use the burners to provide heat to the AMNPS or do you start the AMNPS with the recommended blow torch? I stay in South Africa and smoking supplies are not as plentiful as in the US. I am in the process of importing an AMNPS. Your help will be apprciated.

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That is a really nice smokehouse. Great job. Looks like it works really well too.

Sn3rt, The burners are to adjust temps in the smoke house. The AMNPS is lit with the torch to get it going then it just smokes away for hours. You don't want it to be too close to the heat source or the pellets will burn up to quick. Hope this answers your question.

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Thanks for the answer, how far must the heat source be from the AMNPS?

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Thanks alelover!
Sn3rt - exactly what alelover said. Distance from heat source to AMNPS depends on the temperature. The lower the temps the closer they can be. Even at higher smoke temps, like for brisket, pulled pork or whatever it doesn't have to be real far away, a few inches, less if a heat shield is used.
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