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Today is First Smoke day!

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I posted in the beef area about the 3 pound meatloaf I did as the first smoke of the day. It ran 6 hrs 45 min. When that came out, I put 2 chickens in, switched from hickory to apple and raised the temp in the smoker to 325. 2 hrs and 30 minutes later I got these:







They're resting under foild right now. I just HAVE to taste one.  Brined for about 8 hours. No rub. Just EVOO on them before they went in.

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Looks like it has been a great day - they look tasty 

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Once I made the windbreak things went a LOT smoother for me. 42 degrees with 30mph winds had me hoppin' this morning. Those chickens are actually both the same color. One was right under a light and the other wasn't. I need to leave the foil on for just a bit longer, but then I'm rippin' a leg off one of 'em. :)  I just have to taste it.

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Nice Job, Today was also my first smoke. I went for two 4 1/2 birds one with lemon/pepper and the other cajun. Thanks to all of the great info on this site I had no problems. Brine them for 6 hours used apple wood and smoked them for 3 hours at 250. They taste great and were so juicy. Next weeks project ribs.   

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Good Golly! That leg just fell off, I swear. :)



This is the juiciest chicken I've had ever. I just HAD to steal a leg and try it (shared it with my son and gave my wife a taste) even though we just ate dinner ... heheh.


My son said, "Oh my god..... can you fit a turkey in there?" MUAHahahahahah.... why of COURSE I can!


I'm really pretty amazed that everything (a 3 pound meatloaf and then 2 chickens) came out THIS GOOD for a first time running a smoker.


I'm just .... almost ... speechless.

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That Chicken looks perfect

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Thanks, RdKnB. It sure tastes perfect. :)

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I guess you had an awesome day. Both the meatloaf & the chickens look fabulous!

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Looks delicious!!



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Originally Posted by RdKnB View Post

That Chicken looks perfect



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Yes it looks great sorry for missing it

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