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January 6th 2012 - Page 2

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Yesterday morning it was 70˚ and sunny on Saint Simons Island, Georgia. It was also our 5th wedding anniversary. We left about 11am and arrived home in DC at 9:30pm, where it was still 53˚. Not out of the question, but definitely unseasonably warm temps here. 65˚ today.

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Got up to 54 here today, 56 yesterday.




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I'ts been a mild start to winter through most areas of the country. As some know I drive long haul and seeing several states in a day is pretty normal for me.I chose to work through the holidays and thought I would stay below I-40 to stay outta the weather,well it worked cuz there really wasn't any,sure rain in the south and TX. some,a little snow through the midwest here and there but whats very odd is the far north.Ya I did say I was gonna stay south but I like miles and thats where they were.The last 2 weeks have been from IA,WI,MN(where it was raining the 28 of Dec.)SD,MT,ID,and into WA.very little snow on the ground the entire way,even the mountian passes I went through were open and very little snow.Even the temps were very mild the whole time.Came back pretty much the same way but took a right in southern MT and into and through WY to Salt lake where this morning I awoke to some snow on the ground.Drove through some lite snow through Ut.towards AZ. and NV,where I sit now (Vegas) tee-shirt weather and the desert rat I be,loving it.Pretty sure CA will have the same to offer tomarrow as I head to my final.From there I head to PHX. to park the truck awhile and get some smokin in,and watch- winters gonna hit the desert and I'm gonna freeze my ars off.Anywho all enjoy it while it's here,but lets not forget the areas that suffer without the winter.happy trails.








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Today saturday at 5:30 Pm it is 70* in New Braunfels, TX  We are Between Austin and San Antonio about 1/2 way. We are swatting mosquitos.pot.gif

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60s in Charlotte

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