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Hey just want to tell you that it looks great. I am building one aswell so far I have fire brick and hotstop to install for the base andwould like to do make my shelfs move around on gear and chain and motor like the big boys. I hope that we can talk someday for some help. Thanks for doing it it looks great how does it work?
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I am building a smoker box as well and I was tring to find out something my box has powder coating on the inside did you? If so did you leave it or get it off and then make your box? can you give me some help with this? Thanks Michael.

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My box was just painted so I stripped it off, I don't know of the temp that powder coating would off gas at, and I would think that getting rid of it would mean grinding it off that may be quite the undertaking.

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Thanks for the info. I had the cabinet sand blasted it looks good. And it is getting ready to be put together starting next week.
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i I am building one box like yours and I was wondering if you could send me pics of the vent set-up that you came up with? I don't want to cut holes if I don't have to. My name is Michael Email thank you for your help if you can. 

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