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My Outdoor Kitchen - Page 2

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Oh My! What a thing of beauty

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I showed your kitchen to my wife Phil and now she want one! thanks...

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No gas, all wood. Yes stack in front it allows heat and smoke to flow over pizza. Got design for oven from book called The Bread Builders by Alan Scott. Just had to resize it so it would fit. Got few pic of oven itself if you would like.

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Dan, got lots of pic during the build. Esp dealing with oven. That was a bitch to build but more cause i gave boys beer to drink while they were building. If you want can send them to you

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Oh ya, I love it... I gotta do something like this!

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That is a great build....Thanks for posting the pictures.....

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That is one fine piece of construction work! 

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Wow! Awesome job!

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First would like to thank all of you for your comments. Been so many ask about it going to try and get one of those free web sites to post pic i have and how it was designed and what worked and didn't work. Labor was cheap here so only cost me little over grand. I'll pass that link if i get one set up or will e mail anyone who wants more detailed pic. Thanks to you all. Phil


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Phil, don't thank me for my comment.


Thank you for posting up the pics of a beautiful build!


I'm still waiting for my plane ticket to your next feed though? icon_lol.gif


Good luck and good smoking.

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I admire your handiwork on this very impressive smoker/grill/oven. You wrote in your post that you are happy to share the design. May I ask for the design and any details you are willing to share?

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What a great design.  I joined the forum because I saw someone link to your photo here.  I really know nothing about how to build these and such -- but is there any way to get some plans for this?  (Have been looking for a design that incorporates a smoker, grill, and oven, just as you've done here.)  I bought the book you mentioned hoping for the plans, but I only found a simply oven in there, not with the smoker, grill, etc...


Thank you!

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Phil mentioned he'd be happy to share the plans for this build, but I'm not sure if he's still around?  Did anyone get some plans from this build?  I'm completely new to all of this and I'm just trying to get a hold of some plans I can put into someone's hands who can work with brick in order to make this...



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