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Is this deal still good? I'm thinking about building a uds

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Sure! I'll even deliver to you. I pass through Millington on my way home in Munford. I'll PM you my cell number.

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Hi I was just wondering if you still had any of the 55 gallon drums available. Im from jonesboro and am interested in picking some up today if possible.



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Any one know any good places to get these near Stockton CA?

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Or upstate sc
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I live in Atoka and would like to know if I can get 4 of these barrels for deer camp.
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No problem! However, I ride a motorcycle to work unless it's raining. If you can wait until a rainy day, I'll bring them home in my truck. I'll PM you my cell and we can work something out.

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Bubbonehead, you're one of the greatest!  You are so helpful, and accomodating. I only wish I was close enough to take advantage of your drums.

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Hey, do you still have 55 gallon drums for $5 if so please call me @ 615 707 1558 Thank you Sir..

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Yes, I'm curious too.  I will moving from Hot Springs to Chattanooga at the end of the month and will be passing right through.  Would love to pick one or two up on the way and throw them in the back of the moving truck.  PM me if there are any still available.  Thanks!

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Do you still have some of these? I live in Bartlett and would love to come get some... I need about 6 if possible.

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Don't want to give anyone the impression that I'm not responding on this thread. I am mostly by Private Messages. We're still emptying drums all the time and don't see any reason for that to change. It is interesting to me hearing all the different uses for these drums. Seems that several have joined the forum just so they could make contact about these drums. This thread must come up if you Google steel drums. The interweb amazes me. 

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will you ship to Conneaut ohio and how much

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Sorry guys, I have no way to ship these drums. And because there is still a little left over printing ink in them, I suspect trying to ship would fall under some federal regulation that I'm not prepared to deal with.

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I have been looking for 55 gal drums for barrel racing. Do they have lids? Would love to get 3 for me and a friend needs one also. Thanks!
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Need a couple of drums.  Can pick up in West Memphis.

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Well, The fat lady is belting one out! 


I've accepted an employment offer in White Bluff, TN. This Friday is my last day working in West Memphis!


I have no idea how many drum have found new homes as a result of this thread, but it's a bunch. Way more than I ever anticipated.


I'm on my way to stake out some acreage in those hills and wait for the zombie apocalypse to start. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

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Darn! I would find this forum & the 55 gallon drums that I've been looking for on the day you're moving on to bigger & better things.
If there's any way I could still pickup one then please let me know. Quickest is probably through my aol account of the same name (grasshopperpa). I'm downtown Memphis. Much appreciated & congrats on move!
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Hello Bubbonehead,


I understand you are getting out of the barrel business.  I need 10 or more barrels, I can pick them up any time.  If you do not have any more, can you put me in touch with the ink company that has them?  Thank you.

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