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water heater blanket

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ok I love smoking and grilling in the winter but it seems like my smoker loses temp in the winter so do you purchase a water heater blanket for the really cold winters days help .........
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Well that might work, but there may be better options. I can't say what since I dont know what type of smoker you have.nor do I know where you live to judge what temp, cold is. It all makes a difference.

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First, why don't you cruise over to the Roll Call section, introduce yourself and get a proper SMF welcome.  Let use know what kind of smoker you have, where you live and like sprky says, there are probably better options to consider.





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ok I have a Brinkman smoker I bought it at academy of sports its red and I lives Ga sometimes its 35 to 4y degrees in the middle of winter but I think my hubby was wrong when we tried smoking a baking hen it didn't get done after ten hours so either was the temp or the poultry cause our ribs did just fine when it was like 49 degrees out
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I have a brinkman smoker barrel shape I want a cabinet style but cash flow is tight this one is great so far just the Ga temps seem to effect it or already I think so
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Originally Posted by suhidevilsmoker View Post

I have a brinkman smoker barrel shape

is it gas ? elect ? or charcoal ? smoker


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A lot of guys use welding blankets.

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thank you all so much so appreciated
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