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Sausage Question

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I've read on here about putting your sausage in ice water to let it bloom, exactly what does that mean ?

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When you put it in ice water after it's done smoking, it stops the cooking & keeps it from shrinking up & getting wrinkled.

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How long does that take ?

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Some folks just put the sausage in front of a fan,some cold water them and others just hang them at room temp.


It helps to cool and develop color.



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leave them in ice water or cold tap water till they get below 100°f . like Craig said, bloom is to develop a darker color, that happens after you remove them from the water and hang them to dry.

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Just a cold water bath for me.... See no need to waste the ice...... Just stopping the cooking process. i leave it in the water for about five to 10 minutes adding cool water as the water heats up.... Then hang in a refrigerator to bloom over night



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