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First Run of Brats

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Well Santa brought me a 5 lb. vertical stuffer from Northern Tool for Christmas this year and last night my son and me put the finishing touches on some Brats. Our first run of sausage links was some Chicken Slouvaki Sausage=the recipe is still in the development stage and when I get it to where I like it, I'll post it up.


The recipe use was BigWheel's Lonesome Yankee Bratwurst-any special reason you ask? Nope, it was just on the top of my Bratwurst "Gotta Do" list.


Any-hoo, I had about 6 1/2 pounds of pork trimming from all the ribs I smoked this past Summer and with some additional pork fat from my local Mexican Market, I was ready to go.




White gold (pork fat) (Small).JPG


Everything was ran through my KitchenAid grinder attachment and my spices added to the mix and mixed in by hand.


Seasoning mix (Small).jpg


Meat mixture covered with plastic wrap and ready to go into the fridge.


Ready for a nap in the fridge (Small).jpg


The following day we got the stuffer set up and we're making some Brats!!


Stuffer ready to go (Small).jpg


3 pounds of fresh Brats (Small).jpg


5 pounds of fresh Brats (Small).jpg


Mikey my youngest son (at 19) making links for the first time!!


Mikey making the links (Small).jpg


Some of Mikey's handiwork

Some of the links (Small).jpg


And our secret ingredient for our personal batch - habaneros!


Habeneros for a special batch (Small).JPG


Our habanero links


One pound of Habenero Brats (Small).jpg


All said and done, we ended up with 35 regular Brat links and 5 of the habanero links.


We cooked up the hab sausage that didn't come through the stuffer-and as Mikey was sampling his half of the sausage patty he said "Dad-we made a mistake!!" As I was scratching my head wondering what mistake we made, Mikey said "Dang-this is sooo good, we only did 1 pound. We gotta do a 5 lb batch of Hab Brats next time"!


Yep, I agree-the lad's after meown heart!


Thanks for looking!



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That looks pretty dang good Dutch. Good job
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Nice job! thumb1.gif

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Hard to tell?


Links look great.  Just looking at the links, fat to lean looks good?


Guess we will just have to wait?


Habaneros scare me.  Let us know about that.  LOL


Good luck and good smoking.

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Very nice there Dutch

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Looks great thumb1.gif

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Looks-Great.gif. 2 habs in 5 links wow bet them got some th_violent5.gif

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Thanks guys, these turned out better that we expected.


@Venture and sprky- the sample we cooked up from the bottom of the stuffer and out of the tube tasted pretty darn good. The heat was just right. But then again I make my own Habanero/Chipotle hot sauce and use it just about every day.

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Looking good Dutch. Mikey is right more Habs

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Very nice job on those Hab Brats!


Next thing you know, you'll be making Ghost-Pepper Brats!




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they look great !!!!!

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Thank again- everyone!


@ Kevin-About those Ghost-Pepper Brats- I'm not thinking so. I'm not THAT crazy. . .yet!

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awesome looking brats Dutch!!!!!!!!!! nicely done

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Dutch, the Brat look great...Congrats on the new toy...JJ

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Nice job Dutch! The brats look great! We make hot Italian sausage all the time, next time I'm going to throw a couple of peppers in the mix. Great idea.

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Looking good!!


Guess your looking at grinders now...




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Congrats on the new stuffer Dutch, the brats look great!

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Originally Posted by DanMcG View Post

Congrats on the new stuffer Dutch, the brats look great!



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Nice looking brats. Do you buy spares all the time and make BBs out of them and save all the trimmings from that? Sounds like it would make great sausage.

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I love Brats and yours look awesome! Thanks for sharing! Looks-Great.gif

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