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Smoked Brats?

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So the Broncos actually made the playoffs and we are going to tailgate.  I have about 5 pounds of brats, and was wondering if I should just do my usual and boil them in beer and grill them, or if I should smoke them.  Any thoughts?  Has anyone smoked brats before?  Is it worth it?

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I smoke them all the time.  Usually when I am hanging out with friends and we are waiting on the ribs to finish I will through the brats on.  If you have a hot side on your smoker, put them near it.

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I just throw the brats on the grill with a foil pack of wood chips. If I have to get my smoker up to 300+ degrees to cook meat, I just use the grill.


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Boiled in beer, then on the grill with a chunk of hickory on the coals is the way we like them.

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