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Trying to find out what size tank i have ?

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2011-12-31_12-13-45_881.jpg                                  I am new to this smoker thing, i have decided to build my first RF/ or any smoker for that matter.  I have been looking for a few months for a propane tank and picked a tank up for  free this last weekend, I'm trying to find out what size this thing is.  its about 6 foot long and around 2 foot wide give or take a few inches.                                                                                                                            Its pretty big and the more i look at it the more perfect it looks for what i want. My father in law and Brother in law bother have big smokers and they look at me like I'm stupid cause I'm building an RF , " telling me that it wont work" cant wait to prove them wrong!!


Like i said I'm new to this and I'm kinda building this off what everyone has talked about on this forum. i know i want to do a square shape fire box, but i guess right now I'm trying to figure out the size of everything so i know what i need to get for material. any help or web sites would be gladly appreciated.  What do you all think about buying blue prints online, i kinda feel like i really don't need to  do that, seems like there is alot of helpful people and experienced people here. 

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sry about the same three posts not sure how that happpend

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based on your dimensions you have a 75.43 cubic feet of volume. 1 cubic feet = 7.48 gallons so you have approx 565 gal tank....

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The numbers come up about 139 gal....  or 18 cu ft  roughly of course... 


That tank should make a perfect smoker no matter what design you choose....  There are many designs folks have made listed on this forum.... Be sure to take pics as you progress and ask questions as needed.... Lots of folks willing to help so ...   Prove 'EM wrong about your build..... Dave  

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I believe it's a 120 gallon horizontal tank. Great find. The only thing i could find in my area were vertical tanks and the tend to be shot and fat.

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thanks for the help, i  was  figuring between 120 to  140, so i think I'm going to push towards the 140 in figuring my fire box size? thought in mind that a little bigger box is better than not enough lol.

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I built my firebox a lot larger than needed so i could fit full size logs in any direction and still have room. You just need to adjust the size of the chimney to compensate according to the pit calculator.

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do you have a ruff size on your FB ?

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Sorry, I was hoping somebody would double check my math, I entered 2ft at the radius, instead of diameter....thanks for chiming in DaveO

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Its a PERFECT size for making it into a smoker,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,icon14.gif



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Originally Posted by coffee_junkie View Post

Sorry, I was hoping somebody would double check my math, I entered 2ft at the radius, instead of diameter....thanks for chiming in DaveO

We were responding at the same time..... when I replied no one had replied yet.... just one of the miracles of the internet....77.gif


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Capacity in gallons  Formula   = diameter x diameter x length x .0034


It is really fun when you start building here is a picture of the one we built last year. Now we are working on an insulated, verticle reverse flow. I will look up the web site that gives a formula for all the size and dimensions that will make it work like it is supposed too.IMG_1095.JPG

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I'm not allot of help on the build info. There are many more qualified guys here to help ya.  However I like a good build please post lots of pics

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hey thanks Gary , I'm in the ruff sketch part right now.  i  plan on putting pics up on each step i do, be cause i know i will have alot of questions, yes this reminds me of building my first model lol.

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Thank everyone for the fast response, took me a while to find this forum and I'm glad i did, alot of help so far, thanks again!

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Glad to help. When we first decided to build a smoker I did a lot of research and looking. We decided on a reverse flow and I looked at as many as I coul and took ideas from a lot of different ones. I used the Smoker ratio formula for all our openings, stack length etc. As we were building we just tacked it and made sure that was what we wanted before we welded out. We did change a few things as we went along. It was as much fun to build as to cook on. We looked at tuning plate vs solid plate and a lot of different ideas. Just give a lot of thought to what you want, and build it to suit you. The only thing that was bought on ours was the temp. gauge and the ax handles for the doors and damper. We made the wheels too. any questions you have feel free to ask.

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