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Sauce & Rub Help

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Anyone around that can give any advice to a newbie looking to create my own rub and sauce.  Any advice, dos and donts that you may have come across or information that you found helped you along the way?


Any information will be greatly appreciated, ty

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Welcome to the SMF Family...When you get a chance go over to Roll Call and give more info about your Equipment and Experience...


Now we can help but need more info on what you like...


Rubs...Spicy, Blow Your Head Off, Mild, Garlicky, Peppery, Sweet, Any Allergies, Salt or Sodium issues?


Sauces...What have you had you liked? What Regional Type, Carolina, Memphis, Texas or Kansas City? Tomato Based, Vinegar Based, Mustard Based? Sweet, Sour or Both (Tangy)? Hot or Mild?


You can also check...


Let me know...JJ

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Like JJ says, too many variables.  If you can narrow your tastes down for us we might be able to help more.

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There are tons of sauce & rub recipes on here. I would use the search & look for one that you would like, then you can always further modify it.

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If you check into the wiki section you'll find a boat load of recipes for sauces and rub. Than you also have Jeff's you buy it and it also help to keep this place around.

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