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To Soak or Not to Soak...

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I have an MES 30 and am new to smoking...Should the wood chips be soaked or not? is a picture of my first attempt at smoking...IMG_2432.jpg

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Looks Awesome!


Don't soak your chips



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Looks great!...Keep them dry and don't over load, a small handful is good...Learned that one the Hard Way!...You don't want a Flame Thrower...JJ

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I soak chips if I'm throwing them on coals -- sometimes even in a mix of 50/50 water & wine; I don't soak if they're going in a pan over propane or an electric burner.  I do not soak dust or chunks.

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I cant help on the soak no soak question as I run LPG units at home and WSM at camper.

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Great looking chicken & like they all said don't soak them.

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Now thats a fine looking yard bird and no don't soak your chips unless you want to wait for the smoke to start smoking.

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nice looking yard bird

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 I found no advantage to soaking chips, but a mixture can give you a longer time before having to tend it. A few dry chips for quick smoke, a dry chunk or 2 for longer smoke and a wet chunk or 2 to kick in later. Toss them all in at once and get a longer smoke time, or get yourself one of Todd's AMNPS  pellet smokers and find out what a neat tool it is. Steady TBS for hours. Kick back and enjoy.




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