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Trimmed Spare Rib's

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I have been looking here at this site for about a year, I just wanted to post to spread the hopes of good Q. I do not have a real smoker but I do smoke on my grill. I just have to say you can get very good Q with patience and finesse.  Just experiment and adjust. See Q-Veiw. And if you are at the point of giving up, Remember patience and finesse is the key any thing els is giving up. The joys of a great Q is not over rated. Q-Veiw to follow, Need ti fig out how to post pic's.

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welcome1.gif   Doug, glad to have you with us!


Would you please head on over to the roll call section & introduce yourself, so we can all give you a proper SMF welcome. Thank-you.

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Remember Doug,  You can do great cold smoke with a cardboard box and a smoke generator.  You can pick up an inexpensive Brinkman smoker for under 50 bucks.  They do a decent job and many of us started with one.


Well, welcome to the forum!

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Doug welcome to SMF, we're glad to have you here. Like Al said why not swing over to the Roll Call section and introduce yourself all proper like.

As far as posting pictures go, go to the Reply area for the post.

At the top right you will see the smiley face. In that same section, the first little box all the way to the left. Put your cursor on it and it will say "Insert Image". Click on that and load pictures from your computer.

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Looks Delicious,  thanks for the Qview

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The ribs look great Doug! Nice job!

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Ribs look great, Doug and you got the pictures figured out. icon14.gif

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Fig pics out. Thank you. The ribs, no sauce, Just Apple Rub and brown sugar. spray every 1.5 hours with apple juice and brown sugar mix. Smoked at 210-230 for 6.5 hours no foil, using KF coal and a mix of hickory and mesquite. Also the suggestion to buy a smoker is a good one, but I am happy with my product on this old grill. I think I will hold out a little longer. I fig if I can master heat ranges with this I can and will learn a lot more of fire temps using this. Then when I make the move to a smoker I will pool all my knowledge.

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