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Starting the New Year Off Right!

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I thought I would start the new year off right, all of these qualify for the "Pork" thread so here's the big picture in a nutshell...


We got goin with some ABT's at about 6:00 last night to make sure we had enough strength to make it through midnight.






Now that I have my strength sustained with some ABT nourishment it's on to my next job started at about 9pm...




A 9lb picnic shoulder






We got him rubbed up and Happy!






He partied all night long in the MES! Damn near had to call the cops on him about 3am this morning but he finally settled down.


Here he is at 9am, he looks hung over don't he?


Approaching 200F IT. I'll keep him in there a while longer till the football starts.




What kind of new year is complete without BACON?


Well, I had 2 bellys in the freezer for a couple of weeks, I thought it would be an easy way to count the curing days starting with JAN. 1


So after I got the ABT done, got the butt goin, I mixed up some of Pop's brine to give one of these bellys a swim.










Bacon brine cure day 1, January 1st, nearing completion...




MY new years resolution: SMOKE MORE MEAT!


Happy new year to all!



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Everything looks great! Can't wait to see the Pulled Pork sammies!

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looks like fun

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Looks-Great.gif great way to start off. I like your resolution. 

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RHD, it looks as if you had a long night. I'm glad your little buddy settled down around 3am and you didn't have to call the cops.biggrin.gif

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