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Pork butts?

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I have a masterbuilt "40 and was wondering if when you smoke pork butts do you do a dry smoke or put the pan in with water/or apple juice. sorry I searched it but only came up with an answer to ribs on this thanks.

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I do not have your smoker, but I always use the water pan.  Remember it has a lot to do with stabilizing the temps and very little, if anything at all, with moisture.

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For pork butt on a MES, it's a personal preference whether you use water in the pan or not. Some use water, some use wet sand, some just leave it in dry. The only thing you must do is leave the pan in the smoker. Don't run the smoker without the water pan in place.

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Then a water pan it is Thank you for your help and Happy New year.


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Profile Updated, and Thank you for the information about the water pan I did not know that.

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