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Smoked Turkey for New Year's Eve!! With Q View!

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Hey guys!  My first smoked turkey last weekend turned out so well that I had to do another one!  I have had brined turkey and I have had injected turkey and they are both great so of course my logical progression was "why not do both?!"  So that became my project for today (New Year's Eve).  Thursday night, I injected a 13 lb bird with Cajun Injector's Creole Butter injection.  The bird went into the fridge to marinate overnight.  I was unsure on the brine so I did a quick search on here and went with the Slaughterhouse Poultry Brine.  I mixed up enough brine mix to make three gallons, but only used a gallon and a half of water.  I let that cool overnight while the turkey marinated.  I am not sure who gave me the idea on here (I think it was Todd), but I obtained some food grade buckets from Sams club for free and that is what I used to brine my bird.  Friday morning before work, I stirred the brine I made the night before and and plunked the bird in.  I added another gallon and a half of cold water (to make 3 gallons total brine) and that covered her perfectly.  I secured the lid and set her outside before I left for work at 7:30 am.  It was 35 degrees here yesterday so no worries.  I left her in the brine until I got up at 4:45 this morning.  I set up my AMNPS the night before with a mix of oak, maple, hickory and cherry pellets so I got that lit and let it burn while my MES 40 heated to 230 degrees and I got the brid prepped.  I took her out of the brine, rinsed her, dried her off and rubbed her with some butter mixed with creole seasoning.  When there was sufficient butter underneath and on top of the skin she was ready to go.  Got her and my AMNPS in the smoker at 5:40 am and it was on!  After 4 hours, she hit an IT of 140 degrees.  I pulled her then and put her in a 350 degree oven (JJ I know you said 400, but I wanted her ready for lunch so I wanted to extend the cook time just a little)  She hit an IT of 165-170 at about 11:15 am and came out for a rest.  (by the way, I basted her every hour with some more butter-creole seasoning mix)  I made some stuffing and green bean casserole (cause who can eat turkey without green bean casserole) while I waited for her to rest.  The legs pulled off clean and the breast was soooo juicy, tender and flavorful!  Definately the way I am going to go from now on.  Smoke was perfect and the bird was not salty at all.  Below are some pics.  I need to stop typing so I can go eat some more!




All injected and marinating away



Mmmmm brine............



All smoked up!  As you can see my AMNPS is not even half way!  Thanks Todd!!!  Anyone who hasn't got an AMNPS yet, GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ah, resting.....



Come on, admit it, the skin is your favorite part too!!!



Brushed her with the last of the butter/creole seasoning for this pic.  SHINY!






Does this wing make my legs look fat?



SOOOOO JUICY!!  (Stop drooling and go get your own!!)


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Wow...Excellent job on that Turkey. Awesone Q-View...Thanks for Sharing!!!!drool.gif

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Looks great   thanks for posting!

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Looks-Great.gif excellent job

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Very nice Fish!


The turkey looks perfectly done!


Great way to kick off New Years Eve!

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It looks like a great meal i will Queue for a plate .

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Thanks guys!  Al - I think my next project is your BBB!  Going to sams tomorrow!!!!



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