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Spare Ribs Tomorrow... QUESTION???

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Hello all,


I am planning for smoke for spare ribs tomorrow. I will be using the 3-2-1 method, but I have a question. My wife doesnt care to meat is too smokey. I am leaning towards 2-2-1 in my chargriller around 230-240 or so. Any thoughts? Suggestions please let me know.


This is my first time smoking spares.





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What kind of smoker do you have?

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chargiller el cheapo.. round barrel with the smaller sidekick on the right which houses my fire.


I will be using apple chunks.



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If she doesn't like the smoke flavor, then cook them on the grill. They will still get a charcoal flavor or don't put any wood in your smoker & just cook with charcoal.

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I would think you would be fine to use a light mix of apple chunks in with the charcoal.  I am doing some spare ribs today (3 racks) using a combo of mesquite lump charcoal, small mesquite logs and some water soaked mesquite chips.  Smelling pretty good right now.  I have 2 pork picnics on as well, not much room left on the grill.  I also am using a Chargriller, the DUO with SFB.  I am about 30 minutes from the last hour uncovered (the 1).  Good luck with yours and Happy New Year.

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I would still smoke them and use 321, but use a light tasting wood, apple as mentioned above is good.  Also on the 1 maybe have no smoking going on.  Also make sure you have the thin Blue smoke. ninja smoke going on. It you can see it and its white that is too much.  Hope that helps

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Agree with everyone else.  You can grill them,  reduce the amount of apple you are using or if you are cooking other food that you want the smoke on you can wrap them earlier in.  Wrapping keeps them moist and protects them from the smoke or maybe 1 1 /2 hrs on the smoke and the rest of the time in the oven. 

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Just pulled mine off after approx. 3 hours smoking, and 2 1/2 hours wrapped, They were so tender (fallin' off 'da bone) and lightly smoked, I just wrapped the foil back around them and threw them in a cooler to keep them hot until company starts showing up around 5.  I did not put them back on for the 1 part of the 3-2-1.  Didn't feel I needed to, this might keep them from getting too much smoke also.  Just my opinion. 

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Thanks for all the replies...


Hey bruno944 I dont know what "I also am using a Chargriller, the DUO with SFB" means? Please enlighten me.


I think will will BBQ them using the 3-2-1 method and maybe thrown an apple chunk or two in the mix.


Thanks again guys. It is nice to know if have some gurus to lean on.





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Any photos? I am curious to see a pork picnic.



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