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New Years Butt with Abt's and Rib-eyes for dinner

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I'm doing a butt for our New Years dinner tomorrow to go with our black-eyed peas and collards. Also going
to do some ABT's later. More pics to come.......

Slathered with mustard and coated with rub, just into the smoker...
Cooking away...
Temp spiked at 266 and dropping....
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Looks good.  I put two 10# pork picnics on at 6:00 am.  Sitting at 155 degrees internal right now.  Grill holding steady at 220.  Guess I'll foil at 165 and dig in for the run to 205 late tonight.  Also have a few racks of ribs on, may be too much for my Chargriller DUO with SFB.  Does your Chargriller eat up wood?  Mine does.  I have a few mods in it with the flip of the main chamber charcoal grate (really helped with even heating), I extended my exhaust to grate level and I have a charcoal box at grate level in fire box.  Any suggestions?  

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Great start!


Happy New year!

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looking good and what was your address and what time are we eating lol


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great start...awaiting final pics!

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Thanks Bruno. Yep my Chargriller eats up wood too. I use charcoal in a basket I made and use wood chunks on top of
the coals. I also have the extended chimney down to the grates and I just remove my charcoal pan altogether when smoking.
I really don't see much difference. I installed a therm on the left side of the hood, down at grate level and my temps only vary
about 20 degrees from right side to left. Not a big deal for me. Happy Smokin!

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Looking good so far

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Thanks guys. Abt's just went on the smoker. Butt @ 155...





Going to throw a couple of rib-eyes on the smoker in a while for dinner tonight. grilling_smilie.gif

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Looks like our 'butts' are in a pretty close race.  Both mine are at 163 now.  I might just let you stay up with mine so I can get sleep later.  The ABT's  look great as well, I opted for fatties instead.  I just threw on a bacon cheeseburger fattie along side a sausage and boudin one. 

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Looking good Steve!

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The butt took a 1.5 hour stall but now up to 183. I'm headed to a party in when it hits 200 so I wont pull it until after midnight. I'll
post finished product pics then, or in the morning...depending what kind of shape I'm in when I get home. Lol.

Abt's smoked for 2 hours....damn good

Steaks next to the firebox, doing their thing..


Happy New Year everyone!
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all looks so good .icon14.gif


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Looks-Great.gif hope ya r in better shape then I am no way id try smoking now TG for spell check.......lolbeercheer.gif



Happy New Year


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I pulled the butt off the smoker about 10pm, wrapped it up good and packed it in a cooler. Went out to "celebrate" the New Year
and came in about 2am. I was ready for a snack so I pulled it then. It came out great, nice and butter-meat.

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Looks great! That's some good looking PP!

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