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Butterfly pork chops

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When smoking some butterfly 8oz pork chops. I decided to stuff half of the chops and leave the rest unstuffed, my question is should I  fold the chops I decided not to stuff or lay flat?

I am also looking for some suggestions on time and temp. I am using a ME30. 



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Fold the chops back up so they will cook about the same time. What did you stuff them with? As long as there is no raw meat in the stuffing you can cook them to 140-145. Then take them off & put foil over them so the carryover heat will get them above 145. If you have raw ground meat in the stuffing then you will have to take it to 160. I would set the smoker to 225. Cook time should be under 2 hours.

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I just put a couple spoons of stove top in each one. I'll let you know how they turn out. Thanks for the quick advice.

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I love stove top...


Run the smoker at 225 til the meat reaches 145 IT...





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