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First Smoke in the MES 30

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Well, after introducing myself last night to you folks and seasoning the new smoker, it was time to get to it.  First time doing a ham, got a spiral cut pre-cooked ham from the store the other day for .99 cents a pound.  Mixed up some grade B maple syrup, brown sugar, dijon mustard, onion powder, salt, pepper and paprika and rubbed it down.  Into the smoker it went and in 3 hours going to dig in.  Some photos now and I'll put some more up when it is done.  A big thanks to everyone here for giving me the confidence in taking on this new hobby.  Not sure how the wife is going to like every meal smoked, but she'll get used to it.


Just out of the package.




All rubbed down, showing some Vermont gold in the background



Into the smoker it goes



Have apple and cherry chips on hand, so that's what it will be smoked with, can hardly wait.  More pics to come.


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Looks like a great start!


Gotta get that new smoker dirty, it's just too clean! cool.gif

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Looks great! Can't wait to see the finished product. Welcome to the forum. welcome1.gif

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Here it is a little over three hours later.  Kept the smoke going the entire time alternating between the apple and cherry.  Best ham I've ever eaten.










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That's a beauty Man!!!


Awesome job!

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That looks great, after eating twice smoked ham you never go back

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Thanks Al, I looked over some of your posts prior to doing this, your info was a great help.  Now I'm drooling over the smoked cheese section, A-MAZE-N here I come!

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Nope, no more oven warmed hams for me, invited my mother down to try it out as well.  We all dug in after the photos were taken, it was outstanding.

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