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New Years Eve Prime Rib Smoke

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OK... So i followed Bearcarver's instructions with a little help from pop.  I am going to smoke at 11:00 AM tomorrow morning for a 7:00 dinner.  I have (2) 7 1/2 pound standing rib roasts and 1 5 pound standing rib roast.  The two 7 1/2 pound roasts I will put in at 11:00 AM and the 5 pound roast I will put in at 1:30PM or so.  I have pics here of the prep.  Thick W sauce, onion powder, garlic powder, kosher salt, and CBP.  Here goes, I will keep everything updated as the day goes on.



Rib Roasts Before Rubbing

Pic of roast's from above


Rib Roast before rubbing from another angle.



Rib Roast #1 view after Thick W, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, CBP, and Kosher Salt





View # 2 with rub on ( and my son)




Just so you know... My Mrs. Albert had a shit fit because I took a pic with the background containing crap she was cleaning up... so just so all you guys know.. were not a bunch of slobs.... I will take more pics of the meat as its cooking and my son the pirate (for the day at least) tomorrow.


Thanks for the help everyone,





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looks like a great start, we know were not slobs just very very busy with kids (they take alot of time) im with ya pal & mrs can't wait for more views

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Looks great so far Jim!

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Looks great form here to. Now it sure looks like you have the place to be for sure later on today.

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UPDATE....  More Pics.


AMNPS loaded and ready to roll.  How do you like the freakin finish on that 6 month old charbroil dual fuel infrared grill??? Im SSOOOOOOOo PIS***.




AMNPS all lit up.




AMNPS Blown Out Smokin Away.




AMNPS on bottom rails aside of wood chip box, with wood chip drawer pulled 1/2" out and the chip loader pulled out about an inch.



More pics and progress reports to come!





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Looking good!

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looking like progress! 



never mind the clutter. this isn't a better homes and garden forum. My wife likes my cooking but freaks out at the mess i make while doing it! my golden rule clean dishes and no roaches after that your showing off! laugh1.gif

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Now I have a problem... And it doesnt make any sense.  This prime rib is done already!  I had the smoIker at 225 since 11:00 or so.... Its 139 in the center.. And yes I checked with multiple probes.  What the he&& am I going to do now???? Dinner isnt until 7.  And I didnt even put the piece that I wanted to be medium rare in yet.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.



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Wrap it in foil and then in a few towels then to the cooler...


No problem.


What ya using to check those temps??



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Dude, I cant wait to see these all sliced up. it's gonna be goood! 32.gif

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Q-view Looks-Great.gif nice job. Tell the Mrs. don't worry bought a little mess/ clutter my house looks that way all the time. No way with kids you can have a spotless house.  As  others have said this isn't better homes and garden with the staged sets. A cluttered home is a lived in home in my opinion, heck I got a big ol box of fireworks sitting in my dinning room, that ends up in pics all the time.


Happy New Year


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UPDATE:  I pulled the temp in the smoker down to 130 and the IT of the meat is staying a constant 144* right now.  So I am going to keep them at 144, or jack the heat up a bit near the end because those were for the people who wanted it medium well/well anyway... the five pounder is for myself and the others who like it medium rare/rare, so that one I am just going to do in the oven I think.  I just cant believe those things got done in 3  hours, it doesnt make sense... I did put them in at room temp, but it still seems way to quick... I used 2 different remote therms, a maverick, and another analog to check the temps and they were all within 2 degrees of each other. 

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im with craig  X2

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Why are you doing the one for yourself in the oven?

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just because with the 2 maintaining temp in the smoker, I cant exactly jack the heat up to 225 again.  Theres going to be plenty either way, I will just grab some of both.... The IT is 144 and is pretty much holding there.... which isn't well done but close.  I just somehow screwed this up and I have people coming so I am not going to take the chance with the meat.

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Good luck buddy!

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How did it go ?

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