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Test run complete

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Today I tested my MES 40 i got last week for Christmas with some chicken  leg quarters. I made  a  pineapple  brine I found online somewhere.


The biggest thing my wife noticed was the skin was edible...when I use charcoal/wood smokers, I'm using some some pretty high intense heat that makes the  skin pretty tough, but the meat  is pretty moist.

But over all she gave it a thumbs up compared to my chicken I've been smoking for the past 30 years on all kinds of grills and smokers.


I'm looking forward to future creations with it...this may be the end of my using charcoal and hardwoods to smoke....LOL


One question I have is what do other MES owners do when it rains? Do you cover the electronic module at all. mine off my basement under my main floor deck and put a huge piece of cardboard above on the floor of the deck to act as a cover just in case.


Below are some photos of the leg quarters as my maiden voyage. Tomorrow I get up to smoke a Brisket for a new years eve party I'm hosting.



photo 1.JPG



photo 2.JPGphoto 3.JPGphoto 4.JPGphoto 5.JPG

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They look delicious!  Another thing you can do for the skin is to finish them on the grill for a few minutes to crisp the skin - another step but just adds to the enjoyment of cooking!

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Looks like they turned out great. Like Pops mentioned grilling is a great way to crisp up the skin

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The chicken looks awesome!


Yes you need to have a way to keep the controller dry if it's raining.

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I like the yard bird

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That chicken looks great! I like chicken and will have to try the grill deal for the skin. My skin always comes out like a rubber band.

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I have a covered porch that I keep mine on, but my brother in-law was thinking about buying a MES and  has no covered porch I gave him this Idea.


build a small decorative like structure, like an oldfashoined out house, or shed and you can use and store your smoker in it,

but I guess that would depend on if you have room for such a thing

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looks great nice color

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I have a metal storrage shed that I keep the smoker in,  just pull it to the open door and start smoking - helps with wind and cold also - havent tried chicken yet, looks good

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