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sorry for your lose Mark. thanks for the pictures.

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Sorry for your loss..  I too have a soft spot in my heart for canines.....

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Sorry for your loss. Dogs are truly a mans best friend and it is hard to imagine life without but we can move on as they will always have that special spot in our hearts.

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They can mean so much to you, it is difficult, at best, when they are gone...

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A very Big Thank You goes out to all of you from all of us SOB's.....finished digging the grave today with the help of my awesome wife and father in-law. Buddy will be laid to rest on his 8th birthday 1-1-2012. The little SOB's found a wonderful garden stone to place upon his grave....I will get a pic of this tomarrow and post it here. ThankYou again for all your kind words and fond memories of your four legged loved ones! Happy New Year......SOB

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Over the years I have had many dogs.  The Golden was by far my favorite.  I would be trying to grill and smoke and she would throw the dam tennis ball at my butt!  She wanted to play!


Looking at Buddy carefully, I see the best of the Golden and the Lab in one dog.


That was very special.  Please be thankful for your time.  Yet, the memories are hard right now.



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Sorry SOB it is a sad day when that happens. your kid will forgive ya im sure once he understands. take care and stop beating your self up 

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Sorry to hear of your loss.  It brought back memories from a couple of years ago.  The folks on this sight were awesome with their support then just as they are now.  Went back and searched (Aspen) and the post is still there from 2009. 


I'll say a prayer for all of you.


God bless and ease your pain.



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It breaks your heart when member of the family pass away sorry to hear that.

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