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Want to make a venison appetizer

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hey guys I could use some help. I have a couple of Venison roasts in a brine in the fridge as we speak, im gonna smoke em tommorrow for new years but I want to make an appetizer out of them.. I was thinking maybe serve on some sort of small bread with a horse raddish sauce or maybe wrap the meat around pepper jack cheese with a tooth pick.. What do you guys think? any ideas? thanks for the help..

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I would take some and fix it like pulled pork and then serve on little crustinis like you said. Then you could take chunks and wrap with bacon and smoke them and for little bits. Then you could smoke some and get some sushi rice and make venison sushi with some green onions and cream cheese. It's all good. Just jump out of the box and you'll come up with all sorts of poop.

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wow all that sounds great.. thanks..


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I boned a deer leg, marinated in Dales & a little hot sauce several hours, then smoked over white oak for about five hours. Then I chilled it over night. I sliced the meat very thin, about the size of a quarter. I set this out on a plate as appetizers with some sliced sourdough on the side.


We had 23 folks over for Christmas dinner and they gobbled the venison up. Many compliments.

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A little late now but I the bacon wrapped chunks are great either smoked or deep fried

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