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MES 30" Black

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  I have been having trouble with my MES 30" Black smoker, There have been some pretty big temp swings going on, I have it set at 225 but the temp has been going up to 240 then dropping to 205 or so and repeating all day. The smoker is only a couple months old.

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That's what they do. It's normal.

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It is the first time I have seen the swing that big. Before today it had been 4 or 5 either way.

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What are you using to record the temps with? My MES cycles on & off with big temp swings. It's just like an oven with a smoker box in it.

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Just the temp gauge on the smoker. I checked it with an oven gauge a few weeks ago and it was with in a couple of degrees. I won't worry about it then, just seemed odd.

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