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Sausage , sausage and some more with alotof Q-view.

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Ok let's try this thing again. I needed some more sasages and I'm also feeling like some good old Gumbo to. I do have a great recipe fro "Eman" Bob and I have eaten his gumbo and I'm making some andouille, and then I thought how about some chirozo too. So here we go with the cuttin up and grinding.bb0.jpg

Now grinding.


Now for some spices from the les poli and joel sent me this one I think. First chirozo


Now for the andouille and this one is really killer too.


So after the night in the frig it's time to start stuffing in hog caings about 22mm


 some more stuffing an stuffing.


Now lets let it dry for a couple of hours. why not in the shower best place I have.


Now we are ready for the smoker and some good ole cherry wood chunks.


We are out now run into a cold bath then into the refrig overnight.


Now alittle closer sorry for being blurry but it's a cell phone.


I sure hope tha theses pictures came out for this is the 3rd time I'm re-doing theses. I have done this before believe me. So enjoy and let's see what you think. I'm know I'll like them for I have already eaten some of them. 




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It came through perfect this time Mark!


Great looking sausage!    thumb1.gif

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beercheer.gif    cheers.giflooks great mark............... icon14.gif



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Looks good to me too!  Nice job Mark.

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Good looking Sausages Mark


If you want clearer closeup pics switch your camera to "Macro"




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Great looking sausages, Mark! Like Todd said put the camera on Macro for close ups. My android phone even has a Macro setting on the camera.

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looking soooo gooood.

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Very nice looking sausage, Mark!  Great color and texture!

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Mark it looks good.



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Looking good Mark

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looks like a good way to start the new year

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Mark they  looks great sausages yummy thanks

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