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MES chip tray mod

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I tried searching the forum and I don't know why but I can never find anything when I search,


but has anyone tried drilling small holes in the chip tray to see if it would  smoke at a lower temperatures?



let me know your opinions on this Idea if you have one Thanks!


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Are you speaking of the slide in tube or the tray that slides in from inside the smoker..???

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That sounds like a really good idea to me for low temp smoking, why not give it a try & let us know how it works out.

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Dave the actual chip tray not the loader, I went and found a 3\32 drill bit and drilled a pile of holes in the middle of the tray, I put some saw dust in and only a few tiny pieces fell throughnow to see if it makes a difference LOL

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yesterday when I was smoking my bacon, I tried out this mod, I was at a temp of 135 at the highest point the sawdust di not start smoking on it's own, I could smell a good aroma of hot wood but I didn't see any TBS,  when I put chips in the tray I always take my finger and kinda of twirl it around in the center of the wood tray and make a bowl like hole in the middle of the chips so there is just a thin layer right in the center, I took the tray out  then I used my bernzamatic torch and heat the bottom of the chip tray until I saw smoke coming off the chips and started to see a red glow then I lit the top of the chips and let them burn for about 5 min blew them out and put the tray back in the MES I took the chip loader out the whole way and had the top vent open the whole way and waited until i saw a good bit of smoke coming out the vent, I then slid the chip loader back in until I saw the smoke slow down, probably abut and inch or so from being in the whole way,

now at only 135 degrees the MES maintained smoke until I needed to add more, it kept this going for about 5 hrs I added chips twice, I then turned the smoker down to 120 and the chips went out, I took the chip tray out and re-lit them like b4 adn left the chip loader out the whole way and used a fridge magnet to cover just enough of the hole to stop the smoke from leaving the chip loader hole, and it was still smoking 120 1 hr later when I took the bacon out.


I didn't get a chance to put in chips and turn  her up and see at what temps she starts to smoke at I usually start seeing smoke around 160 to 170 I think, but this will be my next test.


I don't think I could have kept it smoking at low  temps like this b4 I drilled the holes so maybe I improved that a little bit, I am thinking the holes allowed airflow through the bottom of the try directly into the ships enough to keep them smoldering


tomorrow I will try the other test at what temps she starts to smoke

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That sounds pretty promising to me. Now I'm wondering how it would work at 225. 

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So how'd this work with the chips? Just got the MES 30 this weekend and would like to be able to smoke at low temps. Been smoking on a charcoal smoker for the 

Past year or so and got the MES as a second smoker.. I also get a lot of white smoke instead of TBS.  Was curious if this resolves that issue. 

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Other than what I wrote above I don't know havent gotten to run it at different temps yet

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It's just the "Nature of the Beast" with electric smokers

Chips, sawdust or pellets won't burn unless the element is on


Welcome tho the world of electric smokers!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks Todd. I plan on picking up an AMNPS from you at some point. Kicking myself for missing the Cyber Monday deal... I need a new Maverick as well. Mine took a dump and I need another.

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