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Got a AMNPS yesterday, gonna try it out tomorrow!

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Well, I finally got a AMNPS!!! 


I'm super excited to give it a try and taste the awesomeness! Tomorrow (Saturday) should be a great day to try it out. I've got lots of sausage and possibly some dried venison in the near future but I want to try out something small first. Maybe some ribs? Pulled pork? May have to smoke a fatty too just for good measure.


I'll post my results tomorrow!

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Sounds like you got a good plan. Post lots of Q-view

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Can't wait!!

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Ribs are on! Not real confident the AMNPS is smokin' though... 


I filled one and a half rows with hickory and cherry. It is really windy here today so I lit it where it was partially blocked from the wind. I used the torch included with the AMNPS package, let it sit for at least 10minutes. Stuck it in the MES on the bars, pulled out the chip tray 1/2" or so and pulled out the loader about an inch. Checked on it after about 20 min and very very little smoke came out when I opened the door and the tray looked like it hadn't been doing anything. So I removed it and it nearly instanly started smoking as soon as the wind hit it. I put a few pellets near the opening and relit it and made darn sure it was good and hot. I let it sit again for about 15 minutes and placed it back in the MES. I haven't checked it again yet. I'm just gonna wait till its time to foil. Maybe it is working, I'm not seeing TBS though.

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I see TBS coming out of the vent!!!! :)

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Well, I took q-view shots and even a bear view but I can't find the cord that connects the camera to the computer.... I'll upload later I guess but the results were AWESOME! 

The AMNPS provided what I was hoping for all flavor and no obnoxious smokiness like when using chips. The flavor was very nice and deeply penetrated. Very awesome. 

The tray burned the whole row and a half. Definitely a keeper. I can't wait to make some more BB bacon!!!!!

I've been working on 24 pounds of venison sausage all afternoon. Man that stuff is cold to mix with the hands!!!! Gonna stuff it here in a minute. I actually took lots of pics for a change! I'll start another thread in a while.


Thanks Todd and everyone else! Have a great New Year!

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Now that you got the hang of it, you're gonna be on to bigger and better smokes


Head to Home Depot or Lowes, and get a 3" elbow,  Stick it in the top vent


When it windy, the MES can back draft thru the top vent

The elbow is actually a chimney, and helps the unit draft

I played around with the chimney thing for a while, and then saw one of othe guys using a 3" elbow, so I stole the idea!


Many More Happy Smokes to Come!!






No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks Todd! I needed to run to Lowe's anyway so I picked up a elbow as you recommended and installed it in between batches yesterday. It sure helped! It was really windy all day and the elbow seemed to really calm it down.


I smoked three batches of sausage yesterday (yeah.... long day/night!) and the AMNPS worked easily and dependably every time. Definitely a must have product!

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