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Pulled the trigger on a AMNPS

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Just ordered the AMNPS with a few 2lb bags to try out. Cherry and Hickory. I think a 2lb bag Oak comes with the smoker.


I will be shopping for some chickens, cutting up some venison for jerky and a local store here has bone in pork butts for $1.99lb so I will be picking up a couple of them also.


Should be smoken soon and be 1 of the guys (gals).


I will keep updated.

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Great gadget! You will love it!

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Do you have an idea what a full 2lb bag of pellets run time is?


I would guess 25hrs work of smokin per bag?

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One full AMNPS will run 12-14 hours. I never really measured it. I'm sure Todd can give you an exact answer.

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The AMNPS takes about 14 oz. of Pellets

You should get 12+ hours while cold smoking

8 or so hours at 225°+


Remember, you get lots of smoke




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks Todd:


Just placed an order for the pellet smoker from you with a few 2lb bags of pellets to start me off.


From what I read in here this looks like the ticket for a great leave it alone smoker.


Even when I was seasoning my MES 30 I noticed when I added chips the temp shot up for a bit up to 280+, dont want that everytime I add chips. Want to use your product set at desired temp and leave it alone.



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