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crushed cracklins......genius! i'm thinking about stuffing some ABT's with boudin. I'll let yall know how it turns out! 

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Wow! I missed the final product...Pretty awesome AB...JJ

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Hi Al,


Sorry to chime in late, Those pork shots look fantastic!

I will try some, but my inclination would be to to with herbed and spiced COLD cream cheese added after they come off to offset all the smoke flavor you have going. You might also carmelize some sweet onions and blend those into the cheese as well. Just a thought, can't wait to try them!

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Great looking stuff!  Do you think you even need to wait with the cheese?  Adding the cheese later would cool your cook and slow it down.  Only because i don't know if i could wait that long!

Great idea with the cream cheese.

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thanks for the kind words guys


Ronrude we are all still experimenting here so I don't know.   I like the idea of pouring off the grease (there was a good bit of grease) after the first 1.5 hrs and I believe they where easier to work with because the bacon had firmed up.  

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Al, those look awesome Looks-Great.gifI like the variety that you had.  Too bad I'm trying to drop a few lbs, or I would try them for the heck of it.  Instead I will have to wait for a special occasion to make 'em.

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Man o Man!  Those look spectacular, I haven't tried any with cream cheese yet.  Gotta give them a go!  Thanks all for the updeated recipes.

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Now I made some last night for the game and luckly they were better then the Game. I used the brown sugar and choiple sauce trick and they were really good but I wish now that I would have seen this thread and used some of the cream cheese that I had let over from the ABT's that I did too.

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Can you take the bacon also around the bottom to keep the cheese from running out. The olive filled with cream cheese sounds good also. Anxious to see how they turn out.

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You can  but it isn't necessary unless you find it easier to do then to wrap and use a toothpick or skewer.  The bacon shrinks and seals pretty tight.  I make the shots, precook to draw some grease and when I go to fill them the bacon has formed up pretty well.

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Wow! dude you are the master, great job.

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wow those look awesome wish i had smella vision on my laptop i'll put those on the must try list

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I really need some of them.



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Just had to try some,  filled with Cream Cheese, mixed with chopped peperoni, and Jalapeno cheese and chives,  I put all together and smoked at 240, 245 for 2 hours,   Serve to members of Motorcycle club at the meeting.  got good reviews.  Cream cheese didn't melt and run out. the smoke and heat made it form a cap and the cream cheese mix was soft and good inside, not dried out at all.



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looks good nice job

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Thanks for all the kind words guys.  Getting the hankering to have them again but the smoker is at the farm and I have to get up there.       If you give them a try let us know what filling you use, the combinations are endless

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Al, the problem will be expansion. The cheese will increase in size, put less Creamcheese and mix some pre-fried Bacon to bulk it up, them wrap as tight as you can and go 60-90 min. with thin bacon on top at 250* to 300*f.


Have fun and...

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Oh man, can you imagine using a larger sausage and wrapping the bacon as before but crack a quail egg into the pork shot?   How about a dollop of pancake mix or biscuit dough? 



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Was looking for a snake for our bi monthly scout dad Porker night, what a great idea so i went to the store got me a pork roast some bacon. I rolled in my own rub that i use and for the cream cheese I used Jalapeno and Sserrano peppers with fresh diced garlic and onino. will let you know how the turn out

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Dang! I will have to try those. Nice Job!!

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