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Help on Char Griller mod

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Starting to do some mods on my Char Griller. I am extending the smoke outlet. I got the 3 inch flexable hose and clamp. It will not fit the smoke stack because it is flared on the end. Do I grind the flare off so the hose will fit on or do you guys have a different way to install it. Thanks

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This is the second time I have heard of this problem recently.  It appears the design of the chimney has changed.  The three inch vent hose used to fit perfectly. Sorry, pic is not a closeup, but shows the mod when my CG was new. Note the screw on the hose clamp at the bottom of the chimney.


First Que 008.jpg


I will have to get to the store and see what their new units are looking like.  Sorry this mod got more complicated for you.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I bought my charr griller from Tractor Supply just before christmas. It was the same price as lowes Duo but mine came with the SFB. I was surprised when the hose would not fit over the bottom of the smokstack because I saw no mention of this problem as I read all the articles on char griller mods. I guess I can grind off the flare or cut the end off unless someone has any other ideas. Thanks for the reply

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