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Smoking Frenzey

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12-27-2011 016.JPG


Smoked Tri Tip





12-27-2011 018.JPG




Smoked Pastrami


12-27-2011 015.JPG12-27-2011 020.JPG


Smoked PotatoesAu Gartin


12-27-2011 003.JPG


Smoked Trout


12-27-2011 011.JPG



12-27-2011 017.JPG

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It all looks real good!

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they look good.... are these out of an archive? or is the date time stamp on your camera wrong?

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Opps!!! Time Stamp is wrong didn't notice just got new camera and still learning how to use it.

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That all looks good, I was just telling my Wife we need to get some trout

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It is OK it looks good in the old time toobiggrin.gif Congratulations on the new camera

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Great looking food, the variety reminds me of one of those Vegas Buffets you guys are famous for,  only much better!

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Nice! Working a little frenzy myself.


It's good to be busy!

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