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What is the best advice?

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I am new here. Just started smoking. I just got done signing in and it was suggestedthat I put this request into the charcol and the electric forums I have looked thru alot of the posts. I have not seen any mention of the birnkman a only a few about the bradley. So the below post is what I am thinking about.


I have a Brinkman electric and it is so-so. My Brother is the one that is really into smoking. He has a repurposed Fridgidaire circa 1958. I am thinking about the same thing but can not find an old Fridge. I am looking at a charcol brinkman with the two doors or a Bradley "Original" electric (without digital controls. Both are used. The charcol is going to be $90.00 and the Brinkman is $150.00 What is the considerations or concerns from other members?

I would like all the info I could get about my choices.


And yep, it is listed in the charcol also.

Thanks in advance for the help



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I replied to your other post. Charcoal=WSM, Electric=MES.

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Yea Al  I asked him to repost.

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