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Hey Ahron 

After we met this year I really started searching hard to find an oven I would be happy with since I have see yours in action. I am excited to get this going so you can start sending me some of your favorite recipes any time now biggrin.gif

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Brian:  really interinsting reading your post on the science...keep us updated as to how it turns out--and if all goes as expected, remember us little guys when you start selling this bugger!  ;)

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Ahron, I have a question about how you like to cook on your oven.  Do you usually cook with the fire in the oven or do you let it heat the oven and rake the coals out and use its radiant heat?  i know its two different things for two different applications but I curious.

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Brian you are right it is to different things but i always pre heat my oven for 2 hours on hi heat .  if it is a quick cook like pizza ,bagels.i cook with coals and fire. only coals  if it is for  longer cook and hi heat like baked potato's,chicken in a grave , beer can chicken.  for longer cooking i remove the coals like bread. Lamb,(you need a door to keep the heat in) after you finish cooking and the Tempe drooped you can put a tray with halved tomatoes or jalapeno  and in the morning you will have Sun dry tomatoes or is fun.

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Ahron, so the insulating /no fire cooking is 20%-30% of your cooking?  More cooing is done with fire in the oven?

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60 % coals and fire

40 % coals

10 % heat .

if you building it yourself  the chimney is to be in the front above the door so all the pizza oven will be utilize in full.

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Ive got about 4000 lbs of bagged castable refractory that was used to line the transfer crucibles in a steel factory. Its not an insulating type. would that be something to make a pizza oven out of?

(I got this olong with other stuff when the Ft Worth steel mill went under.)

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sure it will.  If you need some form ideas message me


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