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Pizza Oven

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Hey ever one GREAT Forum you have here!  Ever since I found this place I have neglected the other forums I'm, on LOL.


If you don't know in the real world I'm a decorative concrete precaster, my company builds counter tops sinks fireplaces blah blah blah, all out of concrete.  So Ive been mulling over an idea about building a precast concrete pizza oven.  I have a special mix that will take temps of 2000F for extended times and lots of cycles.  So that's not a problem, I have a design figured out, it will be the igloo type, I have the mold ready to start it.


Here's my dilemma Ive made 100's of pizzas on my gas grill with pizza stone and they come out great, cracker thin crust. 

Does anyone think its worth the time and money to find out if this oven will make a better pizza?


please tell me what you think and why.




P.S. bad pic I know I promise better ones in the future

Bad picture, I promise better ones for now on!

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I do them on my Weber too with a stone & I don't know how they could come out any better. I have been to those pizza places with the coal fired ovens & I think mine are better.


Pizza 8-6-11 10.JPG

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If it ain't broke?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Im with ya Al and good looking pizza.  The pizza pic I posted my wife made LOL she seems to think she can put Chicago amout of topping on a nano thin crust.  Ill look oh my phone for pictures


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anyone use the kettle pizza kit on a Webber?  It looks cool for $150

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I think you should try it...the idea seems too cool to pass up!  (though I don't know if that fact will be worth $600, lol)

btw...care to share your crust recipe?

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Hey Al. Why is there hair on your pizza? th_dunno-1[1].gif

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I was to scared to ask that question...lol

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X3.....Angle Hair Pizza??


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Originally Posted by alelover View Post

Hey Al. Why is there hair on your pizza? th_dunno-1[1].gif

You weren't cooking with your shirt off was ya Al? icon_mrgreen.gif

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Looks like a $$$ of Saffron Al. You must be rolling in the dough...(pun?) th_dunno-1[1].gif laugh1.gif

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Now that you mention it. It does look like red saffron.

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I am in the process of having this oven installed in my patio as we speak.  



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how big?  How much?  If you dont mind me asking.  Ill post my cracker crust when I find it.........my desk is a pit (not a good pit)


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The interior is 39 and it was $1500 for the shell 

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Nice Scar!!!!


Brian, I worked in a small mom & pop pizza joint that was very popular, the pizza was great. that being said I would definitely give your idea a try, to have a dedicated wood fire pizza oven is one of my dreams.

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I think if you can afford to lay out the $600 go for it, I probably would if I had the means to do it as you do. I am guessing you are building the fire inside the dome.

I think that would be a great party thing, a pizza party where people bring their own doughs and toppings with everyone mixing and tasting all the offerings along with some refreshing adult beverages.

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Now that sounds like a cool idea. When I was in Italy they baked the pizzas in a oven like what you are talking bought. That pizza was the bomb! I hated pizza when I came back to the states after 4 years of Great pizza, nothing came close not even the brick oven joints. .If your oven works like the ones in Italy you'll have a gold mine on your hands.  

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Crap........just typed a big post and hit some thing wrong.  It wasnt the beer I think its low light.  Ill get it togather and re post in the morning. 


GREAT SCORE Scarbelly!!!!!

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The 39" allows me 5 Pizza's - 6 bread loves- several chicken and pasta dishes and a small porchetta 

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