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Looking for tri-tip do's and don'ts type of advice

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Ok I had heard everyone talking about the tri-tip roasts, so I went out and snagged me one, since I have never smoked one b4 I figured I'd ask for any tips and or tricks b4 I start, it is about 2 1\4 lbs and I will be using my MES30



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Keep it simple, it's a very nice cut of meat & you don't want to take away from the flavor with a lot of spices. Personally we coat them with thick Worcestershire sauce then give them a dusting of Montreal steak seasoning. If you want real simple just EVOO & dust with salt & pepper. They are very good rare to med/rare. If you like that then take them off at 125, cover with foil & let them rise to 135 on the counter. It takes about 1/2 hour to get there. Good luck & don't forget the camera!

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kool thanks Al but what is EVOO?


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Extra Virgin Olive oil, sorry about that. 

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It's ok,

I havent been here long enough to familiarize myself with all the abbreviations used here, but I'm trying to keep up 36.gif


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Al has you covered.


Be sure to check and note the grain before you rub.  The grain runs in two directions and tries to make it three.  LOL  These are best sliced fairly thin and always across the grain which means you will be slicing in different directions in different sections of the cut. See:




Good luck and good smoking.

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thanks I did notice the grain structure was funny lookin


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Al`s got you covered...good luck ..

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I make tri-tips all the time on the Weber kettle.

We like it with a medium to heavy amount of rub, fridge overnight if you can.

Slice thin against the grain, I usually make 2 good size tips and they are both gone in one sitting.

3 hungry kids.



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My tritip is only about 2 1\4 lbs and is almost perfectly triangular, kinda looks like the left half of what Venture has segmented in his picture, like it was cut there or is 2 1\4 lb average?


and there is a fat cap on one side should I trim that off?



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I trim it. Like the taste, but trying to eat a little healthier.

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Ours here in CA average 2 1/2 to 3 LBS.  They come with fat cap on or off, different cuts in the official sense.  I like to leave mine on, but many like them off. For grilling, I like the cap.  For smoking not that important.


Your choice.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Now wait a minute your in Pennsylvania and you got tri-tip. How ???? I thought you couldn't get unless you know the butcher themselves. I have heard how to smoke one and basically you treat it like a prime rib. Minimal seasonings and let the meat sing out for itself. 

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yeah my butcher says he has a lot of them he vacuum seals them and freezes them, I told him I heard they were good for smoking, he told me to tell him how it turns out...LOL

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Here is the best advise I can give you. Dont Over Cook It. Take to 135 then pull and rest for 30-60 minutes.
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