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1st run at the ribs in my MES 30. - Page 2

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Well they sure look good! I really like the color!

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Like I mentioned up above, this is all about experience and getting into your groove or zone.  Sounds like your first shot with the MES went well!  You'll definitely get the hang of how much rub, how much mop and how much well as cooking times and how much smoke.  That's another reason to keep a log.  Remember, this is all supposed to be FUN!  Enjoy it and before you know it, you'll have your procedure down pat!


Nice job!





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Those ribs do look pretty tasty.  Going forward, maybe you should try to leave one as a dry rack!  Just a suggestion, I know that when I whip up some ribs, I leave them dry and then if my guests want to add BBQ, they can.


Anyways, also look into making your own rub.  It seems like a difficult task but it is very simple and I know my usually turn out pretty darn well.  I just use a mixture of brown sugar, paprika, cayanne, tony's creole, garlic salt, and sometimes even lemon pepper.  I'm not the biggest on measuring, I typically make it to a certain taste and who my guests are (spicy vs not) and go from there.  Plus, then when they talk about how good it all tastes, you can tell them it was your own rub!

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Hey David, it sounds like your first try was very successful, in that you learned alot through trial and error.  And you got to enjoy(eat) the results.  If you believe your bb's came out a little dry, just remember that the 2-2-1 is only a basic guide, and must be adjusted slightly for every smoker.  Once you get the right method down for your own rig, your ribs will come out juicy and delicious.  The rub recipe you use can always be tweaked to your own taste.  I'm like you in that I like a sweeter rub.  I use several different recipes, including Jeff's which is sold hear, but I like to adjust them to my own taste and that of my family.   As stated by many, an AMNPS should fix all your smoke generation issues.  The chip boxes on the MES are small and have to be refilled every 15-30 minutes.  Todd's gadget produces smoke for hours without the need to hover.


Your finished product looked great!  Nice color and good pullback from the bone.  Congrats on a successful first run.  icon14.gif

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Thanks Todd.  Did a second one today and it turned out great!! 

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