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Did I miss something?

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Seems to me there is a lot of variety of temps among smokers, but my cheap electric brinkman never seems to get above 200 degrees as measured at the thermometer I installed in the lid.   Is this low temp standard for these models?

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Have you tried a wired probe therm at meat level just above the grate.  Lid therms are quite often off. 


Good luck and good smoking.

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Not yet, I have a few things I need to get at the store soon, I'll need to look for a wired model, or maybe I'll go try using a potato!


I'm afraid I might have an electrical issue in my garage, it looks to have been kinda slapped together way back when...



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Yep what Merv said, you need to know the temp on the grate where the meat is.

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You can get a cheap analog dial thermo from Wally world for a couple of bucks to see if you are in the ballpark.  Even a oven thermo that sits on the grill will give you an idea.


Unless your garage wiring is really screwed up I don't see how you would have amperage problems without blowing a breaker or melting wire.   Don't run a long extension cord, they will overheat and you will not get sufficient amperage to your smoker

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