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Pulled pork pie.

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Well the wife and I had some pulled pork left overs from Xmas what better than a pulled pork pie.

The wife mad her awesome pie crust. Sorry I missed a few steps with the camera.

Here is the crust sauced with BBQ sauce than topped with pulled pork

Now topped with cheese and onion


15 mins in the oven and just about ready to come out

Out of the oven and topped with a drizzle of finishing sauce.

Man it tasted great! Thanks for looking
Dave, have fun and happy smoking
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Dang that looks good Dave.....................icon14.gif   



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Nice!  Looks like a deep dish pork pizza pie.

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does look good ! just might have to try this one!
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Now that does look pretty darn good.

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That looks REALLY good!

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Where's the sliced pics??



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Originally Posted by fpnmf View Post


Where's the sliced pics??


Sorry I will take better pics next time. I am going to do a step by step with the crust recipe and the sauce I used.

I am here:,-75.166275
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Oh my, that looks GOOD!




I will add it to the list of things to make. Thanks!

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Man thats some crust...Great looking pie !!!

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Just great! I'll be trying this one also sometime soon.

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Now that's a neat idea.  I never thought about making pork pizza!  I bet a pulled pork calzone would be awesome too!!!  Dang, I gotta try these soon.

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That pie looks awesome! icon14.gif

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